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Diaris 2009 – 2019

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In this rather thick volume, Alba Yruela gathers a very personal selection of images she has taken during the first ten years of her practice as a photographer.

They are all photographs taken outside her professional career, in intimate moments, with her friends, lovers, or just alone by herself.

The pictures are shown in chronological order, making possible to perceive on one hand how Alba has built her very personal style during the years. On another hand, it captures her recurring themes and motifs, that appear over and over through the passing of time, including nature, light, skies, friends, self portraits, and, in a very special place, the photographer’s hands.


Designed by Gemma Penya Ferrer

185 x 275 mm.
464 pages

Cubiertas en GELTEX LS de 180 gr. con solapas
Serigrafiadas en tinta gamma blanca
Impreso en offset en papel estucado brillo de 80 gr.
Encuadernación rústica cosida

First edition of 750 copias

Few copies left



Full portfolio is available upon request.

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